Saturday, May 30, 2015

Back to blog again

Through this post I want to inform that I will begin blogging again, consistently (one post per month, I hope). I'll post recipes and more photos for you. Oh.. and that means I will open my recipes to try list and try to cook and bake them in my kitchen. I've been neglecting this blog long enough. I am currently active in my instagram @tikanilmada , where you can see my update there.

I still have my love and passion in food photography, but I don't know why I lost my blogging mood. My other activities have taken my time more than I realize. So, see you again on my next post. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Strawberry Shortcake Pancake for Scarllett Magazine

I usually eat my homemade pancake only with ice cream, maple syrup or honey. But this recipe is an exception. I made fluffy pancakes (I really mean it, really fluffy compares to my previous pancakes) then styled them like layer cake. A pretty looking good stack of pancakes with cream and strawberries.

I made this for Valentine's theme on Scarllett Magazine, last January.
(Homemade) - Strawberry Shortcake Pancake
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